Words of Appreciation Received by Business Times from Dignitaries


Hon. Dr. Manmohan Singh,
Prime Minister of India
Business Times has been playing a valuable role in enhancing India’s economic and commercial interests overseas by disseminating much needed information about business opportunities in India both for foreign firms and for the NRIs. I congratulate you for bringing out such a useful publication. "You are doing a magnificent job in promoting India’s cause in the U.S.A.”
Hon. Pranab Mukherjee,
President of India
"It is noteworthy that Business Times, with large readership both in the USA and Canada as well as in India, has won admiration from dignitaries from the Government, political and business circles both in India and the USA/Canada for rendering yeomen services in promoting bilateral business, investment and commercial relations. I wish Business Times all success in its future endeavours."
Hon. Nirupama Rao,
Ambassador of India to the USA
“Over the years, Business Times, under the leadership of its Editor-in-Chief and Publisher Mr. Hasmukh Shah, has made a sustained and noteworthy contribution to the cause of expanding India-US business engagement, highlighting India’s growth story and the immense opportunities it offers to US and Canadian investors and businesses for mutually beneficial bilateral cooperation with India. I compliment Business Times for its valuable role in promoting business and people-to-people linkages between India and the United States. I wish the Business Times team continued success in its endeavours.”

Hon. Lalit Mansingh,
Ambassador of India to the USA
“Over the last two decades, Business Times has played a catalytic role in highlighting business opportunities in India for foreign and NRI investments. The focus on Industrial, Investment and Tourism opportunities in India’s states in this special issue, coming as it does on the occasion of the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas, is particularly opportune.” Please accept my congratulations and best wishes for bringing out such an excellent publication."
Hon. Abid Hussain,
Ambassador of India to the USA
"I have known Mr. Hasmukh Shah, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of Business Times and have been impressed by his knowledge and vision of the economic and industrial relations between India and The United States. “Hasmukh Shah, who is doing an outstanding service to project India's policies in the USA, has done more than any other organization in the USA in spreading the message that India welcomes foreign investments and offers opportunities of economic cooperation. “Business Times has been playing an important role in enhancing India’s economic and commercial interests overseas by its in-depth coverage of business opportunities India offers to foreign firms. The dissemination of economic and commercial information on India in Business Times has indeed been very helpful to foreign firms doing business with India.”
Hon. Montek Singh Ahluwalia,
Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission of India
"It is heartening to note that Business Times has been playing a commendable role in promoting bilateral business ties between the USA / Canada and India by bringing out such business promotional issues which provide up-to-date information about business opportunities."

Hon. L.K. Advani,
Deputy Prime Minister of India
Business Times has been playing a significant role in promoting India’s cause in the United States and has successfully motivated investors for India. I appreciate the magazine’s effort in creating India’s image as that of a strong and vibrant economy." I am sure the magazine will continue to serve India’s interests in future also with same enthusiasm and vigour.”
Hon. Praful Patel,
Minister of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises, Government of India
"Business Times, since its establishment in 1982, has been playing a commendable role in promoting bilateral business relations between the USA/Canada and India."
Hon. Subodh Kant Sahai,
Minister of Tourism, Government of India
"I am delighted that popular publication Business Times, is promoting, since its inception in 1982, India's commercial interests in North America. "Business Times has been playing a valuable role in enhancing India's economic and commercial interests overseas by disseminating the much needed information about business and investment opportunities in India both for foreign firms and the NRIs. "I hope that Business Times would continue to strive in its efforts to strengthen the business bonds between India and the USA in promoting trade, commerce and investment with mutual cooperation. I wish Business Times all success in its endeavours."

Hon. Dr. S.S. Ray,
Ambassador of India to the USA
"The journal has served as a catalyst to promote greater understanding in the United States of the business opportunities opening up in India." “I have just glanced through the special issue of Business Times. I am impressed with its comprehensive coverage of Indian economy and its emphasis on the economic reforms currently under way in India. “The publication contains wealth of information on India's liberalized economic policies and new procedures for investment in India. I am confident Business Times will be found extremely useful by all those who are either already engaged in or are contemplating doing business with India.”
Dr. Suresh D. Tendulkar,
Chairman, Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister of India
“I read the quarterly periodical Business Times with interest and found it to be very informative. Your focus on India’s world-class products and services available at competitive prices and their impact on U.S.-India trade is indeed very timely and appropriate in the current context of turmoil in the financial markets and slowdown in world trade.”
Dr. Alok Sheel, Member,
Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister, Government of India
"“Business Times is a magazine with which I first became acquainted through its tireless and amiable patron Mr. Hasmukh Shah during my tenure in the United States as India's Economic Counsellor, Embassy of India.“The magazine has been doing an admirable job over the years in giving visibility to India and the Indian economy in the United States. It has from time to time focused on special themes, such as Power, Infrastructure, Information Technology and on different Indian States, of critical and topical interest to India. “Mr. Shah has been working closely with Corporate America, NRIs (Non-Resident Indians also known as Indian Diaspora), Indian companies and Government departments to put together and circulate authoritative information on India in the fields of business and finance in particular. “I wish the journal and Mr. Hasmukh Shah continued success in future and hope that they will carry their good work forward on an enlarged scale befitting the expanded scope of Indo--American relations. It is in part through the unstinted work and activities of journals like Business Times that Indo-US economic cooperation has grown impressively over the last decade. Their endeavor is worthy of support and I am happy to commend the journal.”

Hon. J. B. Patnaik,
Minister, Odissa State, India
“I wish to express my appreciation for the splendid work done by you in bringing out a special promotional feature on Odissa in your illustrious magazine Business Times. Your treatment of the material and presentation is superb and makes an interesting reading. I am sure that it has provided an insight to the investors who wish to be partners in Odissa’s progress. I once again thank you for highlighting the potentials and possibilities of Odissa’s development in the latest issue of Business Times.”
Mr. V.S. Senthil,
Minister (Economic), Embassy of India, Washington, DC
“Over the three decades, Business Times has made significant and sustained contributions in expanding India-US business and investment relations by providing a balanced analysis and outlook of the Indian market.”
Mr. Rajesh Kapadia,
President Indian Merchants Chamber, Mumbai, India
"“Business Times is an excellent publication and contains rich information, especially projecting on India-USA economic and bilateral trade relations. Hence, it is no wonder that it receives high appreciation and admiration from all quarters. My perfect compliments to you all for the good job.”

Mr. Nanik Rupani, Chairman,
Priyadarshni Academy, Mumbai, India
Business Times is definitely extremely informative and addresses very important requirement of promoting the business interests of our country in the USA and Canada by providing comprehensive information on all aspects of diverse issues concerning India’s economy, its impacts on the commercial possibilities of business, investment and technological transactions with the USA and Canada. “I am sure that the publication has been a source of invaluable information and guidance to both Indian and foreign investors and shall continue to be so far a long time to come.”
Mr. Y.S. Bhave,
Development Commissioner (Industries), Government of Maharashtra State, India
“We are indeed pleased to receive the issue of Business Times which contains a special, in-depth section on Industrial, Investment and Tourism Opportunities in Maharashtra State. “Let me congratulate you for bringing out once again such an excellent, in-depth promotional issue on Maharashtra State. Those who have seen this latest issue on Maharashtra State—both in the State Government circles as well as in the business and industry circles—have appreciated your efforts in promoting Maharashtra in North America. “Your earlier special issues on Maharashtra State published in March 1985 and March 1988 were also very well brought out and they not only helped in creating awareness about the business opportunities available for Foreign/NRI investors in Maharashtra State, but they also encouraged foreign/NRI investors and entrepreneurs to set up industrial enterprises in Maharashtra State."
Mr. Narayan Valluri,
Chairman, India Investment Centre, New Delhi
“Mr. Hasmukh Shah, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of Business Times, the widely circulated and popular magazine in the USA and Canada, is doing an outstanding service in North America projecting positive image of India and promoting India's commercial interests. Business Times, since its inception in 1982, has exclusively devoted itself to promoting Indo-U.S. business and investment ties. I wish Business Times every success in its laudable effort.”

Dr. J. S. Rao, Science Counsellor,
Embassy of India, Washington DC
“I am pleased that Business Times, the popular economic and financial journal devoted exclusively to the promotion of trade and commercial relations between India and North America, has received widespread acclaims from dignitaries, both in India and America. The business community in both the countries has benefited by this journal which has been instrumental in promoting India’s exports into North America as well as in attracting foreign investment and technology for the development of our country.”


Hon. William M. Daley,
U.S. Secretary of Commerce and
Chief of Staff to the President, Washington, DC
“Thank you for your letter introducing me to your publication Business Times. I appreciate your efforts to bring excellent sources to information for business people interested in trade between the United States and India. I wish you every success in your publishing endeavors focused on building our commercial relationship with India.”
Mr. John E. Peters,
Minister-Counselor for Commercial Affairs,
Embassy of the USA, New Delhi
"All of us find your publication very useful in preparing materials to help make American business more aware of the extraordinary opportunities in the Indian Market. "Over the year, Business Times has made significant and sustained contributions towards expanding Indo-US commercial relations by providing outstanding and balanced analysis of the Indian market. Long before it was fashionable, Business Times wrote of diverse and growing commercial opportunities in India for American products and services, and stressed the increasing importance of the Indian market for American firms. These forecasts proved remarkably accurate as we have seen impressive increase in our bilateral trade and investment activity. “We believe that the best is yet to come in U.S.-India trade and investment activity, something that Business Times was forecasting with confidence long ago. "American firms need timely and accurate information on the many dynamic changes occurring in the Indian market and we enthusiastically commend Business Times for the important role it has played for the past 25 years in promoting understanding and goodwill, as well as mutually beneficial U.S.-India trade and investment relations."
Mr. Ron Somers,
then President, USA India Business Council, Washington, DC
"This is to confirm my sincere pleasure in endorsing your efforts to bring out a special commemorative issue of Business Times to felicitate the arrival to Washington of India's Honorable Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh which is awaited by all of us in the U.S. business community. "I wish you every success in this timely and valuable effort and look forward to working closely with you in the coming weeks in the ramp-up to the Prime Minister's historic visit, and the reciprocal U.S. Presidential Mission to India by President Bush. In all matters, we remain solidly with you in support of improved and robust Indo-U.S. partnership."

Hon. Frank G. Wisner,
international Affairs Advisor, Patton and Boggs, LLP, New York, USA
Business Times is known for promoting US-India business relations. It has done so for the last 30 years. From my time as Ambassador of the United States to India, I learned your journal circulates extensively in India in India’s business community and in Government.”
Hon. Ronald H. Brown,
U.S. Secretary of Commerce, Washington, DC
“Your publication has played a vital role in the development of commercial ties between India and the USA over the years. Business Times is of a particular benefit to our efforts to spread the word to U.S. companies that now is the time to consider the many opportunities offered by the Indian market.”
U.S. President Ronald Reagan
“President Ronald Reagan truly appreciates your efforts to promote Indo-American relations. The President extends to you his best wishes for success.” Ms. Sue Mathis, Director, Office of Media Relations, The White House, Washington, DC

Hon. Robert A. Mosbacher,
US Secretary of Commerce, Washington, DC
“My best wishes go to Business Times in its continuing efforts to improve US-India commercial relations.”
Mr. John Podesta,
Chief of Staff to the President, The White House, Washington, DC
“Thank you for your letter and for the Clinton India Visit Commemorative Issue of Business Times. I commend you for the work that you are doing to strengthen the business relationship between the United States and India. Thanks for your efforts.”
Mr. Michael Owen,
Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs, U.S Department of State, Washington, DC
“It gives me a pleasure to support this forthcoming edition of Business Times—a widely circulated and well-admired journal—that is dedicated to increasing the volume of U.S.-India trade, and export opportunities of U.S. products, equipment, technology and services to India. “I wish Business Times great success with this and future editions and send my warm thanks for playing a positive role in strengthening bilateral economic ties between our two nations.”

Mr. Raymond E. Vickery, Jr.,
Assistant Secretary for Trade Development, U.S. Department of Commerce, Washington, DC
Business Times is an exceptionally fine product. You have pulled together data in a very usable form. The account of Commerce Secretary’s mission to India is particularly well written.”
Ms. Carol M. Kim,
Counselor for Commercial Affairs, U.S. Embassy, New Delhi
“Your decision to devote the next issue of Business Times to promote Indo-US business relations is timely and appropriate. The forthcoming issue of Business Times is awaited expectantly because it will aid U.S. business executives and policy-making officials in comprehending the depth and breadth of Indo-U.S. bilateral trade and investment issues. “As Counselor for Commercial Affairs at the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi, I am cognizant of the high demand for timely and accurate information on Indo-U.S. business relations. I commend Business Times for making the effort to meet that demand and for the valuable contribution it has provided over the last 20 years to promoting U.S. business interests in India. “I support your efforts fully and wish you every success in bringing out the upcoming U.S.-India business promotional issue of Business Times.”
Washington, DC

Hon. William Clark Jr.,
Ambassador of The United States of America, New Delhi
“Your publication encourages constructive dialogue on issues such as India’s economic reforms, and indeed on all aspects of US-India bilateral economic relations. We wish you continued success with Business Times.”
Hon. William Donald Schaefer,
Governor, State of Maryland, USA
“In the latest issue of Business Times, I found particularly interesting the separate article on the State of Maryland. Thank you for your publications. They are a wealth of information. Please accept my sincere best wishes.”
Mr. W. Scott Butcher,
Director for India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Bhutan Affairs, U.S. Dept of State,
Washington, DC
“This High-Tech Special Issue of Business Times is useful and informative magazine. A principal deterrent to expansion of the technology transfer program has been the slowness of dissemination of information about India’s capacity to absorb U.S. technology and corresponding opportunities for U.S. businesses to meet the demand. With this issue, your magazine has contributed significantly to overcoming this deficiency.”

Mr. James A. Moorhouse,
Counselor for Commercial Affairs, U.S. Embassy, New Delhi
“I have been a regular reader of Business Times since the 1990s. I commend you on your most recent issue featuring the state of the Indian Information Technology Industry. The best ever issue, I found the articles packed with useful information as you struck the correct balance between the U.S. and Indian company business perspectives and Indian Central and State Government policy initiatives. Bravo and keep up the good work.”
Mr. L.M. Sunderland,
India Division, South Asia Programs Department, The World Bank,
Washington, DC
“The World Bank President Mr. A.W. Clausen found the publication Business Times to be a very useful source of information on a broad range of important issues, particularly in view of his planned visit to India, which is now in progress.”
Mr. Sam Hilmy,
Chief, North Africa, Near East and South Asia Division,
Voice of America, Washington, DC
“Your publication is impressive and informative, and presents a comprehensive picture of India’s economic liberalization measures.”

Mr. S. Linn Williams,
President and General Counsel, Overseas Private Investment Corporation, Washington, DC, USA
“This is just a brief note, to thank you very much for sending me the first issue of Business Times. It is an excellent and informative publication, very much up to the very high standards that we have grown to expect from you and your organization. Your publication will provide valuable information for both Indian and American businesses, and for agencies, like OPIC, that are interested in helping to develop American business investment in India.”
Mr. Richard D. Harding,
Director, Office of South Asia,
U.S Department of Commerce, Washington, DC
“Your publication just keeps growing, both in size and scope. For anyone wanting to get a sense of the changing commercial climate in India, reading your publication would be a good place to start.”
Diane Farrell,
Member, Board of Directors, Export-Import Bank of the United States,
"American firms need timely and accurate information on the many dynamic changes occurring in the Indian market and we enthusiastically commend Business Times which has been promoting since 1982 U.S. business interests in India." The Export Import Bank of the United States wishes Business Times every success in this valuable effort, and looks forward to working closely with you in bringing out this U.S. export promotion issue.”

Mr. Charles S. Myers,
President, Leather Industries of America Inc., Washington, DC
“You truly amaze me! I did not think it possible under your severe time constraints to come up with anything other than a “glossing over” of the very difficult subject. You have proven me wrong. The leather story in Business Times was extremely well done both in its conception and scope. In addition, it should serve as a ready reference, a mini-directory of sorts, for users in both countries.”


Hon. Pierre S. Pettigrew,
Minister for International Trade,
Federal Government of Canada, Ottawa

"I was pleased to see what an excellent job you and your staff have done in producing Canada-India business promotional issue of Business Times. This will certainly be useful document for companies that will accompany me to India on Canada Trade Mission."

Hon. Peter Sutherland,
High Commissioner of Canada, New Delhi, India

"Congratulations. This issue of Business Times provides the most comprehensive coverage of Canada I have seen in a long time."

Hon. Prem K. Budhwar,
High Commissioner of India, Ottawa,

“Having gone through the special issue of Business Times on India-Canada relations, I would like to compliment you and your team for bringing out this excellent publication. Its get-up is excellent and the contents very informative. I was happy to note that you were successful in actively involving a large number of dignitaries and experts in the publication by way of their special messages and some really well-written articles. The statistical information provided should also be of considerable help and use to the business communities in India and Canada as also the large number of relevant addresses and contact points given. “Altogether, this special issue comes through as comprehensive and wide ranging material and I would like to compliment you and your staff on its production.”

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Mr. James Junke,
Director South Asia Division, Dept of Foreign Affairs and I'nal Trade (DFAIT) Federal Government of Canada, Ottawa

“We were very pleased to see what an excellent job you and your staff have done in putting together this Canada-India business promotional issue of Business Times. You have provided a very comprehensive overview of Canadian capabilities in several key sectors and highlighted the benefits of investing in Canada as a doorway to the NAFTA market. "This issue will be of great interest to Indians who are looking at Canada as a location for their off-shore facilities and sales offices. It will also be of interest to Canadian companies that are considering entry into the Indian market. We thank you again for your hard work in putting together this issue on Canada. “Impressed with the Canadian Edition of your magazine. The coverage you provided on the Prime Minister's trip to India is notable. We have obtained copies of the edition and will use it for many months to come as a promotional tool in our quest to promote India with Canadian business.”

Canad export, (DFAIT),
Government of Canada, Ottawa

“Canadian companies considering India as a market will find a useful resource guide in Business Times, the latest issue (l08 pages) of which is dedicated to Canada-India business relations. “Business Times provides a detailed look at Canada's expertise and capabilities visa-vis business opportunities India offers. The publication, which includes messages by Prime Minister Jean Chretien and Premiers of seven Provinces as well as insightful comments and articles by senior executives of Canadian and Indian companies, is viewed as an excellent sales promotion tool for Canadian firms, enabling them to enter or expand into the potentially huge Indian market for technology transfers and joint ventures or to export their products, equipment, technology and services.”

Ms. Doreen Ruso,
Vice President, International Trade Canadian, Manufacturers, Development & Exporters,
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

“I read with great pleasure your excellent issue of Business Times on Canada. I found the details of information provided to be extraordinary and of great potential benefit for Canadian firms looking at doing business in India. I congratulate you on this special issue focusing on Canada and Canadian supply and technology capabilities. "I am sure it will serve as an important promotional tool for both the Canadian Government and the private sector in India. Your on-going interest and dedication to promoting Canada in India over these many years is certainly illustrated in the depth and focus of coverage which you have given to Canada in this present edition.”